This 3 Mode Adjustable Shower Head Is Like No Other!


  • 2 layer Filtration - can soften the hard water, remove chlorine and fluoride, toxins, heavy metals, rust and odor from the shower water, we aim to give you a purer and healthier shower at home.
  • Turbocharge the water - Using turbocharger technology to enhance the water pressure, more pinholes than a ordinary and the micro nozzle pinholes will soften the water to give you a SPA shower experience. At the same time to save more water. Perfect for low water pressure.
  • 3 Position Shower head - This powerful stone stream shower head comprises of three different modes of water fall: Rainfall, Jetting, Massage. The mode is selected with easy rocker switch. Each mode is made to enhance your shower experience, get your SPA shower experience in your bathroom.
  • Easy to Install - This is a convenient pure Eco spa shower head for your shower. It can be connected in minutes without tools. All connections can be manually tightened. You can use it as a shower or hand shower for any standard hose.
Adjustable Shower Head

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