Do you ever come across that one screw you just cant reach? 

Worry no more because we've found a solution!

This Flexible Extension Soft Shaft is made of metal material, and the extension of the telescopic drill is made of plastic, which is strong,flexible and durable. It protects your hands during use.

The flexible shaft can extend the range of a screwdriver or drill. It also has a large bend in a narrow space. It can be bent, twisted and straightened at different angles and other places where the screwdriver cannot be reached.

The soft drill connection shaft is mainly used in narrow spaces, and other places where screwdrivers are difficult to use. It is suitable for the repair of electric drills, hardware cabinets, appliances, computer cases, electrical cabinets, furniture and other hardware and corner screw fixing .

This soft shaft can be used for ordinary chuck hand drill. Can also be used for electric screwdriver screwdriver (fixture 1/4). Flexible shaft head can be installed hexagonal handle (1/4 handle) batch head, mainly for computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, and so on. Suitable for narrow space, dead ends and other screwdriver can not work in the environment.

Flexible Shaft Bits Extension

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